Proposition America: Pay for What You Get and Get What You Pay For

Frank F. Bille

[A book self-published by the author, 1982 -- Part 3 of 3]



Outline of procedure for transforming the American Economy from a state of imbalance to a state of balance pending the approval of the American People and its Representatives in the Congress of The United States of America.


  1. Definition of Property Rights according to the Positive Economic Principle to be included in the Constitution.
  2. An unequivocal statement to the effect that all natural resources are the property of the Great Landlord, God.
  3. A "Manifesto of Liberty" to the effect that each individual as His tenant has been granted, by the Great Landlord, an equal right to live on this earth by applying one's labor, directly or indirectly, to the natural resources of the earth, without having to pay another for that right, and that, therefore, each holder of land (any form of natural resource) owes the unearned profit therefrom (land rent) to the community whose true property it is, and that this common property constitutes the people's God-given equal inheritance, from which all common (public) expenses may be disbursed, the surplus to be distributed equally to all citizens. Taxation of the products of human labor to be discontinued as the Ground Duty comes into effect. Local governments (cities, counties) to be the repositories of the power to administer the people's equal inheritance and the revenue therefrom.
  4. A definition of "Money" according to the Positive Economic Principle: Money is the forever circulating evidence of an interest-free credit given and a forever un-fulfilled promise received by an endless succession of people who successively receive fulfillment while passing on the forever unfulfilled promise evidenced by money.
  5. The American Nation is the true owner of the money at the point of issue, in whatever form. The Nation has granted to the government of The United States, interest free, the right and duty to issue money as dollars, in the form of coins and of United States Notes, in all denominations deemed necessary. The dollar is the Standard Unit of Value when issued and circulated in the amount of (for instance 4000) dollars per inhabitant as verified by the national census. It is unlawful to either decrease or increase the amount of dollars in circulation relative to the census figure, except by act of Congress.

National Justice as executed by all levels of government is the Standard of Value governing the value of the dollar.

Monetization of debt to be expressly prohibited.


  1. Federal Reserve Notes to be withdrawn from circulation and UNITED STATES NOTES to be SUBSTITUTED dollar for dollar.

    The UNITED STATES NOTES would be printed and OWNED by the government. The notes would be EVIDENCES of the TRUE CREDIT which the people are giving, interest-free, to the U. S. government.

    The Treasury would then receive IN EXCHANGE for the U. S. Notes, all the existing Federal Reserve Notes. These notes are actually evidences of a debt which the FED owes to the Treasury.

    Then the Treasury will BUY back from the FED an amount of government BONDS equal to the -total amount of Federal Reserve Notes which will be used as payment for these bonds. The notes will then, as WORTHLESS, be cancelled and destroyed by the FED, and the bonds, as REDEEMED, will be cancelled and destroyed by the Treasury.

    The UNITED STATES NOTES, which would then be circulating and OWNED by the individuals at all times, should be imprinted with the true definition of money also appearing in the amended Constitution. If that knowledge had been a public possession the Money Monopoly could not have existed, and there would have been NO NATIONAL DEBT.

    THEN we may also, without blasphemy, print on the U. S. Notes the famous words: IN GOD WE TRUST.

    This reform would make it IMPOSSIBLE for banks to CREATE fictitious money in the form of BANK CREDIT which become FICTITIOUS DEPOSITS.

    IN ADDITION to the U. S. Notes put into circulation under point 1, the Treasury would print an amount of U. S. Notes equal to the TOTAL a-mount of FICTITIOUS BANK CREDIT in existence.

    This amount of U. S. Notes is actually the property of the American People because the fictitious accounts represent a NONETIZATION of the people's interest-free credit which the government has surrendered to the banks in violation of the people's trust. The people have a right to get it back. Therefore the whole amount of U. S. Notes equal to the fictitious accounts should be PAID OUT in equal amounts to every man, woman and child. With this money the people could PAY OFF much of their DEBTS to the banking system, and the banks could use the money to fulfill the 100% RESERVE REQUIREMENT.

    This action would NOT be inflationary. For every dollar in debt-free U. S. Notes put into circulation, one dollar in interest-bearing, debt-created, fictitious money would be taken out of circulation.

    TIME DEPOSITS (savings accounts, certificates), which represent INVESTMENTS and are NOT subject to withdrawal without certain notice need not be subject to reserve requirements in the form of U.S. Notes, but such accounts should be kept strictly SEPARATED from demand deposits. Time deposits EARN AN INTEREST, demand deposits do not.

    To facilitate the necessary EXPANSION of the money supply which must follow the INCREASE IN POPULATION and, for the time being, the still existing LAND MONOPOLY, the U. S. Treasury may issue and spend an amount of dollars IN EXCESS of the amount justified by the growth of population. This extra amount of money will, as it comes into the possession of the people, be used for the financing of LAND PURCHASES. Thus the INFLATION will continue until FULL JUSTICE is established, but the Federal Government, not the banks, will reap much of the unearned profits from land. TAXES can be cut considerably.

    Perhaps it would be possible to regulate the issuance of United States Notes under these conditions by maintaining a steady level of INTEREST RATES, for instance 5% to 6% p. a. But until the LAND MONOPOLY is also eliminated, a rather high rate of inflation is likely to persist.

    In that INTERIM it would be highly desirable to reform the PROPERTY TAX so that ONLY LAND VALUES are taxed, while all improvements are tax free. That would dampen the inflation.

    The Federal Reserve Banks were established by an act of Congress and can, consequently, be liquidated by an act of Congress. Though the name implies it, the FED is NOT government property, not subject to the will of Congress, not directed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and has, at least till recently, successfully resisted the scrutiny and audits by the General Accounting Office to which all government agencies must normally submit.

    If Congress should decide to liquidate or dissolve any or all of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks, any surplus remaining after payment of all debts, dividends and the par value of its capital stock becomes the property of the United States Government.

    Whether or not the Congress does that, the demise of the FED will become a fact when, in addition to the 100% reserve requirement of the member banks, the following necessary steps are taken:

    3(a) REPUDIATION (cancellation) of the U. S. Government bonds still in the possession of the FED, WITHOUT COMPENSATION.

    No injustice is done in repudiating these bonds. They are, in fact, a fictitious debt. They cause the government to pay interest for the use of the nation's own money.

    3(b) REPUDIATION (cancellation) of U. S. Government bonds held by the commercial banks and by the public, against EQUALIZATION (partial but equal compensation). See Article E. Equalization of nominal losses.

    The government bonds are a part of the FALSE CAPITAL which is to be ELIMINATED, the nominal losses to be equalized. The savings to the taxpayers will be in excess of one hundred billion dollars a year.

    3(c) The FED's function as "The Bankers' Bank" is ended when the power to create fictitious money against fictitious debt is ended by the 100% reserve requirement. Its purpose "to create an elastic currency" is no longer relevant.

    3(d) The FED's function as the government's FISCAL AGENT to be terminated.

    There is no reason why the Treasury cannot deal directly with the commercial banks, or with the GIRO SYSTEM mentioned below. Besides, government finances will be VASTLY SIMPLIFIED when the full scope of PROPOSITION AMERICA is in effect.
  4. Establishment of a centralized, computerized public DEPOSIT AND EXCHANGE SERVICE, handled by the Postal Service.

    Such systems, called GIRO SYSTEMS, are widely used in Europe, especially in the Scandinavian countries. In Denmark about 90% of all money transactions are handled by the Giro System, and banks are much less prominent in that country.

    Such systems are capable of handling, under one roof, ALL TRANSFERS of deposits from one account to another, for a region such as all of Southern California with more than ten million people and with several million accounts between them.

    This system should, of course, be subject to the 100% reserve requirement. Nobody can borrow from the Giro System.

    The 100% reserve requirement means that the money you have deposited on a checking account in a bank, or in a GIRO account, belongs SOLELY TO YOU, cannot be invested and therefore cannot earn an interest. Therefore, the bank MUST charge you a SERVICE CHARGE so the bank can stay in business, and so must the GIRO SYSTEM. But then the TRUE COST of our fantastically complicated, overgrown and inefficient banking system will become apparent, for the banks will not be able to compete with the extremely efficient, centralized GIRO SYSTEM. Every businessman, and most private citizens, will have a GIRO account with a number assigned. If a businessman wants to pay 100 different bills in one day, all he has to do is sign 100 GIRO-CARDS furnished by the 100 creditors, already prepared with their account numbers and the amounts owed them. Then he adds them up on a tape, writes the TOTAL on one GIRO CHECK, and mails the whole bundle IN ONE ENVELOPE to the GIRO CENTER, where the total is immediately charged to his account and all the 100 payments electronically credited to the 100 account holders, in a matter of seconds. Next day everybody receives in the mail a new and current balance sheet. Well, if the banks can consolidate in this fashion, fine. But if not, the Postal Service can do it, with the Post Offices serving the public. In any case it is a matter of PUBLIC SERVICE subject to the strictest possible AUDIT.


    This final act cannot be carried out until the complete transition is accomplished. When both the Land Monopoly and the Money Monopoly are eliminated we will finally have established ECONOMIC BALANCE. A STANDARD UNIT OF VALUE can then be established by regulating the total money supply in exact numerical proportion to the population. We will then have a POPULATION/JUSTICE STANDARD, for economic balance is JUSTICE, and each dollar in existence will represent an unchanging fraction of the VALUE inherent in people.

    It will then no longer be necessary to regulate the money supply by maintaining a steady interest rate as proposed in point 2 which was a temporary measure.

    The law of Supply and Demand will thereafter determine the rate of INTEREST. Since this will be a TRUE interest, and since true interest is a form of WAGES earned by CAPITAL, (which is labor "stored up"), interest rates will be high if wages are high, and vice versa. The present rate of interest is high because most of what is called "interest" is actually LAND RENT, and land rent is high. Therefore, it is now unprofitable to borrow money for constructive purposes, the interest charges being out of proportion to the real wages that can be earned.

    Our money supply will remain the same PER PERSON, in good times and in bad times, for every dollar will have a true OWNER. It will be a RIGID SYSTEM in contrast to the debt-monetization system which is perversely elastic. The PERVERSITY is a fact acknowledged by bankers who know and fear the snowballing effect of diminishing reserves taking place when too many people withdraw their deposits at the same time. Therefore, our monetary system must be carefully "managed" to avoid such calamities. But under the POPULATION/JUSTICE STANDARD you and I manage our own money, and the only government control of our money is the annual regulation of the money supply according to the census figure.

    Our elastic money supply is always unbalanced, always heading for either inflation or deflation, "boom" conditions or "bust" conditions ruinous to the country in either case. That is because bank credit is a form of money which has no owner.

    Of course, some degree of ELASTICITY is desirable since the need for money may fluctuate with the seasons, especially in agriculture. However, the RIGID SYSTEM is naturally elastic enough to meet all normal fluctuations.

    Changing INTEREST RATES will speed up or slow down the flow of money, but the greatest degree of elasticity is provided by the use of regular customer CREDIT. Consumers and merchants can, by their actions, temporarily expand and contract the overall available buying power. It depends on whether consumers earn before spending or spend before earning, and on the degree to which they do either. The creditgiving by merchants is naturally elastic. This is TRUE CREDIT which is an extension of the true credit evidenced by money.

    PRICES will be stable or falling under a Population/Justice Standard, reflecting the ever higher PRODUCTIVITY of labor. WAGES will tend to remain stable because the dollar reflects the unchanging inherent VALUE of man.

    INFLATION or DEFLATION will be a thing of the past. On the international MONEY MARKET, the sound dollar will continuously rise in value relative to unsound foreign currencies.

Do we need a "Gold Standard"?

Those who are advocating a return to the GOLD STANDARD are actually believing in MONETIZATION OF DEBT, for they do not mean that the yellow metal should be our circulating medium. They mean that paper money should be GOLD CERTIFICATES "redeemable" on demand, even though only a FRACTION of the certificates would be represented by an actually existing "gold backing."

Having a "Gold Standard" means fixing the PRICE of GOLD at a certain amount of dollars per ounce, and to DEFINE the dollar as being for instance 1/500 of an ounce of fine gold. The old definition, abandoned years ago, was 1/35 of an ounce.

It is imagined that INFLATION can be prohibited by a law which forbids expansion of the money supply beyond a certain MULTIPLE of gold stock held by banks, for instance twenty-five to one. That is still monetization of fictitious debt or "fractional reserve banking" and a terrible confusion of facts. It is still a monopolization of the interest-free credit given by the people. The money supply cannot change unless the a-mount of gold changes. If gold is deposited in banks, the money supply can be expanded twenty-five-fold. If it is withdrawn the opposite occurs. If there is a shortage of money because of this we have depression, and if there is too much money we have inflation.

INFLATION of the money supply is caused by monetization of fictitious DEBT, with or without "gold backing" and fictitious debt is caused by ECONOMIC IMBALANCE. Economic imbalance is caused by monopolies which force people to pay an ever increasing RANSOM for the right to exist on this earth.

Under a POPULATION/JUSTICE STANDARD the gold-worshippers would be free to use the precious metals, gold and silver, to their hearts' content. They could mint gold and silver COINS as long as they would abstain from giving them fixed values in terms of dollars. The coins should be stamped with the exact WEIGHT in milligrams of fine gold. Then let the MARKET determine the price of the coins! If the new "fiat" money (that's what the gold-worshippers would call the U. S. Notes) should fail, as they would expect, the gold coins would rise in value, and the gold-worshippers would then have their reward. In fact, if these well meaning Patriots really do believe in a gold standard, all they would have to do were to mint such coins, and we would have a perfect gold standard. At the slightest hint that the UNITED STATES NOTES were in trouble, people would begin to buy gold and silver coins and insist on being paid in gold or silver. The only discomfort the gold-worshippers would suffer from this arrangement would be the fact that they could not balloon fictitious credit on top of the metal. They could not MONOPOLIZE money! Everybody who had gold or silver could go and have it minted, and WHY NOT !

However, gold is, according to David, less desirable than JUSTICE:

"The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever: the JUDGMENTS of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they THAN GOLD, yea than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb." (Psalms 19:9-10)

When people see the buying power of the UNITED STATES NOTES increase, i.e. when they see the price of automobiles and all other manufactured items coming down while wages remain stable or rising, they will forget about gold and silver money and begin buying gold and silver jewelry, conductors and many other items in which the precious metals have a useful or at least desirable function.


  1. A nationwide VALUATION of all LAND not in the public domain.

    The valuation should state the present FULL MARKET VALUE of the land alone, excluding all improvements.
  2. A GROUND DUTY equivalent to the full annual LAND RENT to be LEVIED against ALL LAND not in the public domain.

THEORETICALLY, the annual GROUND DUTY is equal to the interest of the valuation price at the prevailing rate of interest PLUS the a-mount of PROPERTY TAX presently being paid on the land value alone. HOWEVER, due to the reform itself there may be strong FLUCTUATIONS in land values, both upwards and downwards.

The UPWARD TREND will be due to the termination of all taxes on the products of human labor.

The DOWNWARD TREND will be due to the fact that all suitable vacant or underdeveloped land now held for speculation will be made available WITHOUT A PRICE. Though the land is VALUABLE, the PRICE will be ZERO because the unearned income from the land can no longer be retained by the owner and capitalized as a price.

The GROUND DUTY is REGULATED annually till the full impact of the reform has manifested itself in land values. Then less frequently. Regulation UPWARDS will be necessary when it becomes apparent that land is unavailable except on payment of a premium, or extra amount in excess of the value of the improvements. Regulation DOWNWARDS will be necessary when improvements cannot be sold except at a loss, or when the land does not attract prospective USERS.

The GROUND DUTY is the property of the people and entrusted to the local governments which collect and administer the funds.

State and National governments should partake of the Ground Duty collected by local governments, with certain percentages. This will be the natural form of "revenue sharing."

All public expenses should be paid out of the Ground Duty Fund.

The SURPLUS, if any, should be paid to the people as a DIVIDEND.


Taxation is an act governed by the NEGATIVE ECONOMIC PRINCIPLE. It is LEGAL STEALING. It has no scientific justification.

The sooner we abolish taxation of the products of labor, the sooner will the GROUND DUTY swell to proportions sufficient for payment of all JUST public expenses. No source of revenue, good or bad, will ever be able to pay all the UNJUST public expenses in which we indulge today.

It is the duty of all governments to PRESERVE JUSTICE BY PREVENTING INJUSTICE. The necessary PUBLIC WORKS are also the responsibility of the governments. What is beyond these two functions is to be ELIMINATED.

We could and should ABOLISH all government programs of SUBSIDIZATION such as Foreign Aid, Farm Price Support, Department of Education; Housing and Urban Renewal, Community Redevelopment Agencies, Food Stamps, Unemployment Compensation, Welfare Programs, Social Security, etc. These programs could be phased out in an orderly fashion as soon as the ECONOMIC BALANCE of the nation makes it possible. When the two big monopolies are no longer being subsidized by us, We the People need no subsidies either. We can, at the local level, take care of our sick and poor, privately or through charitable groups.

The government will save huge amounts of money when they get out of all business which could be done as well or better by the PRIVATE SECTOR. The sale of numerous government enterprises which compete with private enterprise would bring in a considerable sum.

The ADMINISTRATION of JUSTICE by PREVENTING INJUSTICE requires much less bureaucracy than the administration of injustice.

There will be hundreds of thousands of government employees who will no longer be needed as such. But they will be needed in private productive industry and business where employment opportunities will be practically unlimited.

Instead of dreaming up new expensive legislation every year, the job of legislators will be, for some time, to rescind, undo and terminate the bad, socialistic legislation in which they have been so furiously engaged the last three quarters of a century.

Legislation, law enforcement, court proceedings, defense and public works for the benefit of all will be amply financed from the two sources of public revenue, GROUND DUTY and MONETIZATION OF THE NATION'S INTEREST-FREE CREDIT.

HOWEVER, after elimination of all the functions which are not properly government functions we can ADD one function which governments do not have today. That is the function of COMPENSATION for losses sustained by citizens due to no fault of their own. This is, of course, now the function of insurance companies.

As described in an earlier chapter, THE GROUND DUTY INSURANCE is a proper government function which can be done much more effectively and economically because the servicing of CLAIMS is the only function necessary. The GROUND DUTY is the PREMIUM, and ALL the people are AUTOMATICALLY COVERED.

The SURPLUS of the well run governments belongs to the people and should be paid out in equal amounts as a DIVIDEND.


When the United States Government Bonds are repudiated, and when GROUND DUTY is taking away the unearned income from land, the owners of these assets suffer a financial LOSS which should not be borne by the owners alone. They have paid for these assets out of their (perhaps) hard earned and, at any rate, legally justified incomes. They have, in most cases, incurred DEBTS and signed MORTGAGES securing their creditors' claims. The creditors are also subject to losses when their COLLATERALS vanish.

The FALSE CAPITAL which is being eliminated is the works of the false god MAMMON. We are all, unwittingly, the servants of Mammon and should all be more than willing to relinquish that servitude when the realities thereof dawn on us.

It seems right and just that we should all partake of the NOMINAL LOSSES when the false capital is being eliminated, in proportion to our individual NET WORTH.

A few examples will illustrate the necessity and the rightfulness of an EQUALIZATION, i.e. a procedure by which the loss of false capital assets is distributed EQUALLY on all citizens.

Take for instance a land speculator who all his life has done nothing but deal in land but, at age 65, sells all his land and invests his million dollars in stocks and bonds.

Then there is the working man who all his life has worked hard and saved one hundred thousand dollars which he invests in vacant land.

And, further, a young farmer who has just bought a hundred and sixty acres of choice farmland for half a million dollars and incurred a mortgage debt of four hundred thousand dollars.

Finally, the financial institution which has extended loans against security in real estate. Suppose that the land values alone account for one hundred million dollars of that institution's mortgage portfolio.

Then suppose that, all of a sudden, the country is persuaded to collect the full LAND RENT for a public revenue (in this example we disregard the money reform). What happens in the four examples if no equalization is done?

The land speculator turned investor loses nothing.

The working man turned speculator loses everything.

The farmer loses half a million dollars and must still pay off his four hundred thousand dollar loan with interest.

The financial institution still has claims of one hundred million dollars in capitalized LAND RENT, which are un-collectible.

Obviously, that wouldn't work.

But an EQUALIZATION would work!

The steps in the equalization process could be as follows:

Every owner of real estate, U.S. bonds, money and wealth of any kind makes a VALUATION of all his ASSETS and all his LIABILITIES, specifying each category on computer forms.

The ASSETS are divided into five main categories:

  1. Tangible Wealth
  2. Intangible Wealth
  3. Money
  4. Land Values
  5. U. S. Bonds

Tangible Wealth is all physically appearing articles of wealth such as buildings, machines, automobiles, ships, furnishings, art objects, food, livestock, etc.

Intangible Wealth is all valuable documents such as stocks, bonds, promissory notes, accounts receivable, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, trust deeds, cash values of life insurance, etc.

Money is cash on hand, un-cashed checks and demand deposits in banks.

Land Values is the value of land exclusive of all improvements, as valued by the county assessor and agreed upon by the owner.

U. S. Bonds are all such bonds which have been repudiated in the money reform, to be listed at latest current market value.


Accounts payable, the stock capital of corporations, bonded debts, bank loans, notes given, insurance companies' obligations, the banks' debts on time deposits, etc.

The liabilities of U. S. Government are all such liabilities which have not been repudiated. The outstanding amount of UNITED STATES NOTES is a liability. Trust funds such as the Social Security Fund are liabilities to the government and assets to the individual owners who, if possible, should be notified so that the assets could be listed as such by the owners.

All government units, local, state and national, participate fully in the equalization along with all corporations, firms and individuals.


Theoretically, the total liabilities of all Jubilee accounts should match the total Intangible Wealth listed by all Jubilee accounts. The total of money listed as assets in people's possession should, theoretically, match the total of U. S. Notes and coins reported as liabilities by the U. S. Government.

Thus, the total NET WORTH represents only the total value of the three remaining categories, Tangible Wealth, Land Values, and U.S. Bonds.

Land Values and U. S. Bonds together comprise the FALSE CAPITAL which is being eliminated.

The dollar value of FALSE CAPITAL divided by the dollar value of NET WORTH and multiplied by 100 expresses the proportion of false capital as a percentage of net worth for each individual.

When all the statements from the whole population and from all businesses, corporations, banks, schools, churches and government agencies etc. are gathered in one place and run through a computer, we will know the total value of assets, liabilities, false capital and net worth. The most important figure will be the total national false capital (fake) expressed as a percentage of total national net worth.

Then we will have a figure on which to base the EQUALIZATION.

If, for instance, the national false capital is found to be 40% of national net worth, all individual owners of wealth whose percentage of fake is below the 40% average will have to contribute the difference to the national EQUALIZATION FUND, and all those whose percentage is above 40% will receive COMPENSATION for the difference, while those whose percentage is exactly 40% will neither contribute nor receive. Thus everybody will have his net worth reduced by 40%, on paper that is. But in reality nobody loses, everybody gains, for the tyrannical powers of governments and monopolies have vanished. Our true wealth has not been reduced by as much as one paper clip.

Those who must contribute to the Equalization Fund will sign interest charged JUBILEE OBLIGATIONS which are to be paid off over a period of time. Length of the term and size of monthly payments can be determined by the debtor within certain limits.

Those to whom COMPENSATION is due will receive interest yielding JUBILEE BONDS, fully negotiable.

As the obligations are being paid off the revenue is used for the retirement of the bonds. This process continues until all the obligations and all the bonds have been retired.

There is, however, due to the oppression and perverseness of the two monopolies, a rapidly growing segment of the American population which owns practically nothing except their few personal belongings. For both practical and humanitarian reasons, these poor citizens can be exempted from participation in the equalisation process as contributors if their net worth is, say, less than $500 per family member. They are the chief victims of MAMMON.

MORTGAGE DEBTS will be reduced by approximately the amount which represents the mortgaged LAND VALUES. The landowners who receive compensation because their false capital were above 40% of net worth will use the negotiable JUBILEE BONDS to make extraordinary payments on their mortgage debts. The remaining mortgage debt will still be secured by the tangible assets.

The VALUATIONS used in the EQUALIZATION must be approved by the owners, because these valuations form the basis on which the future GROUND DUTY is to be assessed. If a man claims a high compensation for lost land values he will also have to pay a high ground duty, and vice versa.

In cases where unsound LAND SPECULATION may have driven the price of land to unreasonable levels it may be impossible to evaluate the compensation and the ground duty fairly. In such cases the compensation may have to be impounded until the true value can be found through actual usage of the land. In any case the speculator should not be given an opportunity to dispose of his holdings at a profit.

The EQUALIZATION should take place as of one single day, for instance the first of July, after extensive and careful planning and preparations. The monetary reform and the ground duty may take effect on that same day. Whether it is technically possible to do all this as of one single day is a good question, but we have come to expect miracles from the wonders of electronic computers.

Even though the transition, the JUBILEE, may come in one day, it would not cause any severe economic hardship on anyone, for the effect would be gradual and geared to the circumstances of each individual.

The freedom from taxation and excessive government regulations would be a tremendous boost to the economy, and the liquidation of the JUBILEE obligations could be speeded up thereby. However, taxation of income would have to be ended GRADUALLY, not all at once.


Our God-Given, Inalienable Inheritance Restored

The birthright given every child by his Creator is the right to live and work and use the natural opportunities on equal terms with all his fellow men without having to pay any other man for that privilege. This is the essence of the Law of Liberty and the essence of the Just Society under the Great Landlord, God.

We recall how the Law of Liberty provided an inalienable inheritance, freedom from perpetual debts, freedom from slavery, and freedom from oppressive government.

These objectives are, all of them, fulfilled in the reforms here envisioned.

Will we still cling to the traditions and laws of man and reap the consequences, which are the CURSE? (Leviticus 26)

Or do we dare look forward to a renaissance and a renewed, modern COVENANT with God, invoking the BLESSINGS?

"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord,
that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel,
and with the house of Judah:

"Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers
in the day that I took them by the hand
to bring them out of the land of Egypt;
which my covenant they brake,
although I was an husband unto them,
saith the Lord:

"But this shall be the covenant
that I will make with the house of Israel:
After those days, saith the Lord,
I will put my laws in their inward parts,
and write it in their hearts;
and will be their God,
and they shall be my people."
(Jeremiah 31:31-33)

The Great Landlord and His Tenants

Shall we make a covenant with the Great Landlord, to keep all His commandments, including the Law of Liberty! Then He will be our God, and we will be His people.

Can we reorganize modern Society after the METHODS given by Moses? No, but we can use the same PRINCIPLES!

Can we use the METHOD of dividing the land equally among all men in all generations? No, but we can use the PRINCIPLE of equal distribution of LAND RENT among all men in all generations!

Can we abide by the PRINCIPLE expressed in the words "The land shall not be sold forever, for the land is mine, and ye are strangers and sojourners with me ?" Yes, we can, for we can make a covenant with the Lord to the effect that He is the Great Landlord and we are His tenants; that a title to land means that God has GIVEN to the title-holder the exclusive right to occupy and use that land, provided that he fulfills two obligations.

The first obligation is the payment of TITHES to the Great Landlord represented by His servants, whom He has appointed and authorized to receive the tithes in His name and for the purposes which He directs by His Holy Spirit. The tithes are to be one tenth of the INCREASE resulting from the application of one's God-given talents to one's God-given inheritance.

The second obligation is that the LAND RENT, i.e. the unearned net income from land, shall be paid by the titleholders and distributed equally among all men in all generations. This distribution of common property shall take place only after deduction for common expenses, for which cause governments are to be instituted among men. This common property shall constitute man's equal and inalienable inheritance.

Man's God-given talents shall constitute his unequal inheritance, for the use of which each man is personally responsible to God. Governments shall have no authority over the use of talents beyond the power to secure justice by preventing injustice.

Can we abide by the PRINCIPLE: Thou Shalt Not Steal?

Yes, we can, by abiding by the POSITIVE ECONOMIC PRINCIPLE that everything has a rightful owner; that TITLE to anything can be acquired only three ways, and in no other way. The three ways are, first, by MAKING the thing; second, by GIFT OR INHERITANCE from the titleholder; third, by EXCHANGE between titleholders.

Can we abide by the PRINCIPLE of forgiveness of unpayable debt?

Yes, we can, for in the first place we cannot, if we will abide by the first principles, force any man to pay US for the right to exist on the earth and to borrow fictitious credit for that purpose. In the second place, few people would then ever be unable to pay their just debts.

Can we abide by the PRINCIPLES of Judgment, Mercy and Faith, which are the weightier matters of the law?

Yes, we can, for Judgment (Justice) is to our own benefit, Mercy (Charity) we can give, for we receive Mercy from God, and Faith is the evidence of things unseen, which the Holy Spirit makes us KNOW.

There is, therefore, NO GOOD REASON why we cannot have that JUST SOCIETY for which we are praying:

Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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