Present Day Government

Louis T. McFadden

[A radio address made Wednesday, May 2, 1934 and published in the Congressional Record of May 3, 1934. This speech by Rep. McFadden is a source document pointed to by those who offer evidence for an international conspiracy to bring about world government. The reader is encouraged to reach his or her own conclusions. There is a wealth of investigative journalism and research on this subject.]

Mr. McFADDEN. Mr. Speaker, under leave to extend my remarks in the RECORD I include the following address made by me yesterday evening over Station WOL in Washington, D.C.:

Just prior to and since the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932 this country has been educated to a new phase in government, "brain trust advisers", and through them the "new deal" has introduced a national political economic planning scheme which seems to have permeated all branches of Government.

The original "brain trust" was composed of Prof. Raymond Moley, Prof. Rexford Tugwell, and Justice Brandeis' contribution, A. A. Berle, Jr., and Bernard M. Baruch's contribution, Gen. Hugh S. Johnson. To these must be added Prof. George F. Warren and Prof. James Rogers, the gold specialist twins, and another Justice Louis D. Brandeis confrere, Prof. Felix Frankfurter, James M. Landis, Jerome Frank, and another Bernard M. Baruch contribution, Donald Richberg, Frederic C. Howe, Harry L. Hopkins, Clarence Darrow, Mordecai Ezekial, Harold Ickes, and one must not omit Secretary of Agriculture

Henry A. Wallace, nor the other Cabinet member, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., nor should we omit Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who is a sort of super-adviser for his illustrious son.

These men are now or have been actively engaged in the various phases of the political economic plan called the "new deal."

The country has recently been treated to the spectacle of the present administration's attempt to ridicule the idea that there is a definite new plan of government in process. Without attempting to comment in any manner whatever on the attempt to disarm the public, I desire now to refer briefly to a plan that was advocated as far back as 1918 when A. A. Berle had some very definite ideas regarding the establishing of a new State. Indeed, he wrote a little book on "The Significance of a Jewish State", dedicated to his friend, Louis D. Brandeis. In it he regarded the Jew as "the barometer of civilization at all times." He recognized the inability of Christianity to avert war or "to do a single thing towards mitigating its worst effects," and seemed to think the Jews were the only power that could do anything about it.

He believed "A Jewish state would be a 'Hague' which could, and which would, command the attention and govern the thought of the world."

He did not wait for the public recognition of the "brain trust" to start a campaign for social regeneration. In 1918 he said: "There have been many of us who for many years have seen in the Hebrew laws the elements of the social regeneration of the world.... It would have commanded interest to the entire world to see a State, albeit a small one, work these problems through, and especially a State which could, and which would, call to its aid the finest body, collectively, of intellectual force and discrimination which the world knows.... A rationalized Hebrew State, founded on Hebrew fundamental laws - ethical, social, sanitary, dietary, and all the rest - would be a working laboratory of social regeneration which would excite breathless attention...."

In this State he advocated: "Concessions to intending builders could be made on the national plan and automatically agreeing with the national interest and the public welfare. The industrial expansion, therefore, could be without those weary steps toward freedom, which all other industrial civilizations have to undergo. Almost from the beginning land and industries, public resources, mineral and otherwise, could be nationally administered, and all this would make a most novel and striking page in statecraft...."

An attempt to establish a political economic plan is now in operation under the leadership of a group, formerly connected with the Fabian Society in England. This, until the present, secret political economic plan was drawn up by Israel Moses Sieff, an Israelite, the director of a chain-store enterprise in England, called "Marks & Spencer," which house handles almost exclusively imports from Soviet Russia, which enables them to undersell its competitors. Prominent members of this organization in England, besides Sieff, are Ramsay Macdonald; his son, Malcolm Macdonald; Sir George May; Kenneth Lindsey; Gerald Barry; I. Nicholson; Sir Henry Bunbary; Graeme Haldane; I. Hodges; Lady Reading; Daniel Neal; Sir Basil P. Blackett; Sir Arthur Salter; Sir Oswald Moseley; Sir George Allan Powell; Sir Sydney Chapman; Lord Eustace Percy; Ronald Davison; Lord Melchett; Sir Christopher Tumor; Mrs. Leonard Elmhirst, formerly Dorothy Willard Straight nee Whitney, of New York.

This political economic plan organization, now secretly operating in England, is designated  "Freedom and Planning," and is divided into many well-organized and well-financed departments, such as Town and Country Planning, Industry, International Relations, Transportation, Banking, Social Services, Civil Division. It is already in operation in the British Government by means of the Tariff Advisory Board. It has gathered all data and statistics obtainable by governmental and private organizations in administrative, industrial, trade, social, educational, agricultural, and other circles. Through its Tariff Advisory Board it has control over industry and trade and works in direct connection with the British Treasury, and together they devise the British tariff policy. It has also been granted the power of a law court and can exact, under oath, that all information concerning industry and trade be given it. Iron and steel and cotton industrials have been ordered by the Tariff Advisory Board to prepare and submit plans for the reorganization of their industries, and have been warned that should they fail to do so a plan for complete reconstruction will be imposed upon them. This board has been granted default powers, and can, therefore, enforce its plans.

May I pause here to suggest the similarity of the "Freedom and Planning" scheme of the political economic group in England with the N.R.A., the Bankhead cotton bill, the control of farm acreage, and the other planned developments of the "new deal" under the direction of the "brain trust" and their cohorts?

Neither you nor I are particularly interested in what takes place in England, but what should interest us Americans, it seems to me, are the strong indications that point to the putting into operation definitely of this plan in the United States, with the necessary changes to adapt it to our conditions. This is made pertinent by the well-known fact that this particular English group have very close connections with the Foreign Policy Association of New York. This association was largely organized and fostered by Felix Frankfurter and the late Paul N. Warburg. In this group we must also place Henry A. Wallace, the present Secretary of Agriculture, for the reason that he has recently caused to be published under the auspices of the Foreign Policy Association a copyrighted article entitled "America Must Choose." This article is quite in keeping with the "Freedom and Planning" group in England.

There is no doubt, I think, that Professors Frankfurter, Moley, Tugwell, Berle, Jr., and the mysterious Mordecai Ezekiel are all members of this particular group who are carrying out a world plan.

That this political economic group practically control the British Government is indicated by the fact that Prime Minister MacDonald and his son and J. H. Thomas and other influential Britishers are officers of the group.

An interesting sidelight is that some 6 months ago when the father of this plan, Israel Moses Sieff, was urged to show more activity by the members of his committee, his answer was "Let us go slowly for awhile and wait until we see how our plan carries out in America" That statement indicates that a plan similar to theirs is being tried in America.

When we consider Professor Tugwell's announced plans for control of all land in the United States and the production therefrom, and when we consider the plans of Professor Berle, Jr., for the railroads and finances of this country, and when we consider the Mordecai  Ezekiel-Tugwell-Bankhead cotton control bill and the Wallace hog, corn, and wheat control plans, and the Ickes control of mineral and petroleum industries, and General Johnson's N.R.A. control of industry, we must know that something is being tried out here. And, again, when we hear President Roosevelt say, as he did on April 25, 1934, that this is "evolution not revolution," in his address at the opening of a subsistence homestead exhibit, at which time, according to press reports, he made an appeal for the recognition of the importance of long-range national planning as a step toward permanent improvement of the economic and social structure of the Nation, and he stated that the administration was going ahead with its experiments, can we say that this is mere experimentation? Further the President said, "If we look at this thing from the broad national viewpoint, we are going to make it a national policy if it takes 50 years." Again he said, "The time is now ripe, overripe, for planning to prevent in the future the errors of the past and to carry out social and economic views new to the Nation." Also, yesterday, President Roosevelt announced the formation of a "plan committee on national land problems," with the apparent purpose of coordinating and stimulating the Federal program for retiring submarginal land - the Tugwell plan - which he designated as one of the main divisions of national 'long-range planning." The avowed purpose of the committee, according to the White House announcement, will be to improve "practices of land utilization" and achieve "better balancing of agricultural production, aiding in the solution of human problems in land use and developing of a national land program."

In view of all these things, can we say that this is mere experimentation? Or shall we say that which it is? It is assuredly "Freedom and Planning," adapted to the United States. Stripped of all its camouflage, it is the guild form of government, and is the kind of government that has recently been established in Italy and Austria and which will be established in England if this particular group under the leadership of Israel Moses Sieff succeed in their plans. The guild form of government is directly the opposite of the constitutional form of government. It is the Jewish plan of a World State.