Henry George and his Principles

Albert Einstein

[The text of two letters received by Anna George De Mille from Albert Einstein during 1934. Reprinted from Land and Freedom, May-June, 1934]

Mrs. Anna George De Mille has received two letters from Albert Einstein. The first reads is follows:

I thank you for your great friendliness. I have already read Henry George's great book and really learnt a great deal from it. Yesterday evening I read with admiration the address about Moses. Men like Henry George are are rare unfortunately. One cannot imagine a more beautiful combination of intellectual keenness, artistic form and fervent love of justice. Every line is written as if for our generation. The spreading of these works is a really deserving cause, for our generation especially has many and important things to learn from Henry George.

With friendly greetings,

The second letter came in answer to her request for permission to make public the first and may thus be translated from the German:

I give you, according to your request, permission to publish my letter on the work of Henry George although well known I am no expert in this field and that my judgment therefore is not of great importance. It almost seems to me as if you had no conception to what high degree the work of Henry George is appreciated by seriuus, thinking people.

The statement sent concerning the cooperation of America and England in foreign policies interests me very much. A short time ago President Butler of Columbia Universiry, gave expression to the same thought which I often come in contact with, in English men of politics, this statement (of Henry George) is a new proof to me of the extraordinary foresight of this great personality.

With very great respect,